Tea proposes a great number of versions of its use. Since it is possible to drink tea during the whole day together with well-cooked European food, one can choose his own brand of tea for each dish in the same way as we usually choose wines. Green tea or smoked tea goes well with fish whereas Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Oolong go better with game. As for dessert, the best choice here is light, aromascented big leaves brands of tea. There are no strict rules. Only a wish to experiment and a little of imagination are needed.

To make a flavoured and tasty drink it is necessary to keep to the following simple rules:

1. Boil some water and immediately pour it over the tea. If you are brewing green tea, the water must be getting cold by the temperature of 70-85 C. It makes it possible to keep vitamin C that is contained in the dried small leaves and does not allow a bitter taste to appear in the extract.

2. Let the tea brew for five minutes. The more tea is brewed the more tanning agents are extracted from it. Tea brewed for five minutes acts seductively. If you want, the drink to cheer you up, three minutes is enough.

For tea brewing, it is recommended to take one teaspoonful for a cup of tea and one more for a pot.


Tea tasters of the Company ILKO CORPORATION have in their arsenal a great number of recipes and ways of brewing tealeaves. They are rather simple and at the same time they can give pleasure to the most demanding tea lovers. The main secret of the wonderful taste and aroma of a tea drink is the tea Helsy, planted and packed by hand in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

Tea Helsy "Black Diamond” with ice

This drink refreshes and revives. It should not be brewed in hot water, as when it is cooled it gives sediment and the drink looses its attractiveness. We can get extraordinary transparent tea with ice if we brew the tea in cold water, keeping it in a fridge for twenty-four hours. Such tea we can drink as it is, and it is possible to add some ice or to mix it with some other components to have a cocktail.

Coctail Helsy "The gift of nature"

Components: Champaign, maple syrup, cherries in syrup and aroma scented tea Helsy "The Gift of Nature".

Brew the tea in cold water. Add some maple syrup to taste. Cool champaign glasses. Put a cherry at the bottom of each glass. Pour into 1/3 of tea and 2/3 of Champaign. Serve cool.

Coctail Helsy "Green diamond"

Components: fresh orange juice, aroma scented tea Helsy "Green Diamond" with lime and ice cubes. Make tea in a cold way. Cool cocktail glasses. Before serving put some cubes of ice at the bottom of each glass and pour into 1/3 of tea and 1/3 of orange juice. Decorate it with a slice of lime (sort of a lemon). Serve cool.

Ways of making tea drinks

Latin-american way

Usually a mixture of black and green tea is used in proportion 2 to 3. Take four teaspoonfuls of black tea and six teaspoonfuls of green tea (or only seven teaspoonfuls of black tea), one liter of water, one pine apple, one lemon, fifteen teaspoonfuls of sugar, two or three teaspoonfuls of Cuban rum, and twenty cubes of ice. Cut the pineapple in cubes of the size of one cm3, pour over with rum, add some sugar powder, cover it and put in a fridge for twenty-four hours. Then make a tea mixture, brew tea, keep the brewing for ten or twelve minutes, then cool it. Then grate the lemon peel into the tea, squeeze its juice add soaked in the rum pineapples and ice and pour into the glasses.

Indian way

In Sri Lanka, they pour the needed portion of water into the pot. But they brew tea differently. They brew it three or four minutes if the tea is for 2-5 glasses, and five or six minutes if the tea is for more than five glasses. The quantity of dry tea necessary for a drink is quite high. That is 1.5-2 teaspoonfuls for a glass. There they prefer to drink their strongest tea with milk.

In India, especially in cities towns, they also drink tea with milk, as the English do it. But their best brands of tea (Darjeeling) the Indians prefer drinking not mixing them with anything. The quantity of tea that is necessary for a drink is the same that they have in Ceylon and sometimes more. Usually they brew tea for five minutes. A national drink in India is the so-called "frozen" tea. This is how they make it: take three teaspoonfuls of the best tea for 300-350 grams of water and brew it as usually for five minutes, then make it cool. After that put into a special glass of 0,5l some ice cubes, pour the cooled tea into, add some sugar and a half of a sliced lemon, or the juice of the whole lemon squeezed out right into the glass. Then sip the tea slowly.

English way

The cult of tea reigns almost in every English family. So far, tea drinking is one of the distinctive national traditions of the English. That is why we can speak by right about an English way of tea drinking All the more it was made in conformity with sharp, highly extracted south-Asian sorts of tea. The English drink tea either with milk or with cream. Before they warm up a dry teapot. Then they put tea into it. One teaspoonful for a cup of water plus one teaspoonful for a teapot. Immediately they pour into some boiling water twice and brew for five minutes. While the tea is brewing, they pour warmed but not boiled milk into warmed cups, two or three tablespoons to taste and then they add some tea to the milk. It is necessary to emphasize that the English strictly follow the rule to add tea to milk and in no circumstances vise versa. It is noticed that pouring milk into tea spoils the aroma of the drink and that is why such an error is regarded as ignorance.

Chinese way

Brewing in gaivans, special cups of the size of 200-250 ml with a sharp widening in the upper quarter with a lid, the diameter of which is less of the diameter of the upper edge of the cup.

Into this cup, they put four or five grams of tea and immediately pour water by 2/3 or half of it. The brewing time is not more than two or two and a half minutes or three or four minutes maximum for some sorts of tea. From a gaivan, the tea is poured into a cup in such a way, that the lid should not be lifted in order not to let the aroma leave. It is not just pressed densely to the edges of the gaivan and so the tea is poured out from the made gap. They sip the hot slowly without sugar and any other flavouring that in the Chinese’s opinion completely distorts the real aroma of tea. The Chinese do not need to aromatize and decorate tea, because they use mainly yellow, red and green aromatized teas that have exclusively delicate and strong aroma.

After drinking 3/4 of a gaivian, the rest quarter is poured with boiling water again. A high quality tea can be poured by water in gaivians up to four times without pouring it off, and all the others only two, maximum three times.

The first cup of tea brewed in this way has got weaker infusion of light colour, but it is aromatic. The real taste of tea appears after the second or third portion. The Chinese say that the tastiest is the second portion of tea. But this concerns brewing of tea in gaivans. Brewing of tea in an ordinary cap cannot be compared with brewing in gaivans. That is why those who brew tea in cups thinking that they follow the Chinese way are not just mistaken, but spoil the tea. Without a lid, it looses its flavour at once and is brewed badly. Moreover, if you put a saucer on a cup it looses its taste as it "suffocates" and "stews" as there is no hole in a saucer for a steam leaving.


ILKO CORPORATION uses the most modern technologies for the production of food products guided by the whole previous experience of many generations of predecessors. It inherited from lord Helsy the aspiration for investigation and innovation. However, at the same time to the Company’s spirit English pedantry is peculiar that makes people pay attention to the minor details of the production for getting the high quality products, their flavouring and useful characteristics.

Nowadays the production under cover of the trade mark Helsy is delivered to many countries of the world, like the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Baltic countries, the FSU countries, where it has found love and gained popularity among the consumers thanks to its high quality.

The managers of the companies that promote the products of the Helsy trade mark have necessary professional qualities and offer a high-level service to both big trade companies and small retail enterprises. Helsy trade mark – IS FAITHFULNESS TO TRADITIONS AND INNOVATION, QUALITATIVE RAW MATERIALS AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTION, PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT AND SINCERE INTEREST TO EACH CUSTOMER.

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