The Cingalese tea deservedly recognized one of the best in the world. They know and love it in the FSU for many years.

Thanks to its quality, special natural characteristics, variety of tastes and aromas, attractive package as well as good reputation, the Cingalese trade mark Helsy tea could conquer hearts of a lot of consumers.

The trade mark of the Helsy tea is a large producer of a high quality natural tea in the factories of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). All the stages of the production of Helsy trade mark tea is under strict technological control and the government of Sri Lanka guarantees the quality of the product. The proof of it is the emblem with a symbol of a Lion that one can find on all the production of the company.

The secret of the success of the trade mark Helsy tea is very simple; this is a permanent high quality. The trade mark Helsy tea is picked up only by hand. They do it on the plantations located in mountains at the height of 1000-2500 meters over sea level. Favourable climate and crystal-clear air create ideal conditions to grow tea of the best sorts.

Serene beautifulness of the reservation plantations, generosity of the sun, and transparence of the rivers and a real art of the traditional processing of tealeaves give birth to the harmony of the unique plantationed Helsy tea. A lot of manipulations with a tealeaf still have been remained unchangeable since the day of the foundation of the factory and as before, some of the stages of processing of raw materials are made by hand, including its package. And all this creates an exceptionally pleasant effect of the presence of the warmth of peoples’ hands that created for us a real gift of soul.

In order to keep all the wonderful qualities and the natural perfection of the tea blossom of Helsy, all the production traditionally is packed in a hermetic packs made of foil and they use "golden" foil as it safely keeps the tightness of a tea pack.

Much attention is also paid to the design of the package. The company successfully cooperates with a highly qualified group of professional designers whose work combines both a talent and the English sense of humour. You can make sure in it if you have a look at the prints of the latest English collection of teas popular from the times of the Victorian epoch.

Nowadays whole dynasties of professional tea tasters work with Helsy tea products that use their broad experience to choose various combinations of tea from the best Cingalese plantations. They create real masterpieces with unique taste and aroma. Meeting the consumers’ wishes, the company took a decision to widen the number of the best aroma scented specimens of black and green teas. For this purpose, only natural high quality flavourings are used.

Understanding the specific character of the modern market, the company pays much attention to the advertising support of their trade clients. It uses videotapes on television, sound tapes on the radio, constant presentations and tasting of the products as well as a wide assortment of a polygraphic production.

We have always tried to turn the Helsy trade mark into the synonym of the standard of quality and a sample of permanent classical English traditions.


ILKO CORPORATION uses the most modern technologies for the production of food products guided by the whole previous experience of many generations of predecessors. It inherited from lord Helsy the aspiration for investigation and innovation. However, at the same time to the Company’s spirit English pedantry is peculiar that makes people pay attention to the minor details of the production for getting the high quality products, their flavouring and useful characteristics.

Nowadays the production under cover of the trade mark Helsy is delivered to many countries of the world, like the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Baltic countries, the FSU countries, where it has found love and gained popularity among the consumers thanks to its high quality.

The managers of the companies that promote the products of the Helsy trade mark have necessary professional qualities and offer a high-level service to both big trade companies and small retail enterprises. Helsy trade mark – IS FAITHFULNESS TO TRADITIONS AND INNOVATION, QUALITATIVE RAW MATERIALS AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTION, PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT AND SINCERE INTEREST TO EACH CUSTOMER.

Helsy Tea - Helsy Coffee