Serene beauty of reserved plantations.

Tea leaf is a «green gold» of the island of Sri Lanka.

The favorable climate and crystal-clear air create perfect conditions for cultivation of tea of the best grades.

Today, as well as some centuries ago tea leaf gather only manually. Traditionally representatives of tamils living highly in mountains are engaged in it.

Quality and taste of the future blends depends on art professional teataster of Helsy Tea.

Helsy Tea is made on constant technology from the date of establishing factory in 1911. Some stages of processing of a tea leaf and its packing are made manually, that creates pleasant effect of presence of heat of human hands.


ILKO CORPORATION uses the most modern technologies for the production of food products guided by the whole previous experience of many generations of predecessors. It inherited from lord Helsy the aspiration for investigation and innovation. However, at the same time to the Company’s spirit English pedantry is peculiar that makes people pay attention to the minor details of the production for getting the high quality products, their flavouring and useful characteristics.

Nowadays the production under cover of the trade mark Helsy is delivered to many countries of the world, like the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Baltic countries, the FSU countries, where it has found love and gained popularity among the consumers thanks to its high quality.

The managers of the companies that promote the products of the Helsy trade mark have necessary professional qualities and offer a high-level service to both big trade companies and small retail enterprises. Helsy trade mark – IS FAITHFULNESS TO TRADITIONS AND INNOVATION, QUALITATIVE RAW MATERIALS AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTION, PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT AND SINCERE INTEREST TO EACH CUSTOMER.

Helsy Tea - Helsy Coffee