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The name of the trade mark Helsy comes from the name of the English lord J.Helsy who lived in the middle of the 19th century. All his life he devoted to his travelling to East in order to investigate the field of plant growing. Especially he was interested in tea and coffee, which in those times became very popular in various strata of society. They became in popular demand.

Lord J. Helsy among all other British colonies most of all was interested in Ceylon, where there is a mountain landscape and an island tropical climate. These conditions contribute to a high productivity and excellent flavouring qualities of tea and coffee. Lord Helsy’s activity was directed at creation of new technologies of growing and cultivation of tealeaves and coffee beans. Thanks to the scientist’s bondless enthusiasm and his exquisite taste, lord Helsy managed to create some collections of wonderful tea coupages and coffee blends.

Lord Helsy is the author of some of the ways of making tea and coffee drinks with amazing taste and aroma. Lord Helsy ’s work was the basis of creation of the tea and coffee collections of the Helsy trade mark that belongs to the American company ILKO CORPORATION.


ILKO CORPORATION uses the most modern technologies for the production of food products guided by the whole previous experience of many generations of predecessors. It inherited from lord Helsy the aspiration for investigation and innovation. However, at the same time to the Company’s spirit English pedantry is peculiar that makes people pay attention to the minor details of the production for getting the high quality products, their flavouring and useful characteristics.

Nowadays the production under cover of the trade mark Helsy is delivered to many countries of the world, like the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Baltic countries, the FSU countries, where it has found love and gained popularity among the consumers thanks to its high quality.

The managers of the companies that promote the products of the Helsy trade mark have necessary professional qualities and offer a high-level service to both big trade companies and small retail enterprises. Helsy trade mark – IS FAITHFULNESS TO TRADITIONS AND INNOVATION, QUALITATIVE RAW MATERIALS AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTION, PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT AND SINCERE INTEREST TO EACH CUSTOMER.

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