Coffee Helsy sommeliers propose some recipes for making coffee drinks at home.

Turkish coffee

The most spread and well known is the Turkish way of making coffee. It has not been changed for 600 years. Traditionally the drink is brewed in an open brass pot with a long handle, named “dzhezve” or “turka”. For a cup of a drink, it is necessary to take one teaspoonful of grinded coffee and one teaspoonful of sugar as well as some water equal to a small Turkish coffee cup. For the aroma, it is good to add some cardamom, cinnamon, or anise. Put the pot on a very small fire and wait until the water boils. When the foam begins to rise, remove the pot from the fire, stir the contents and put it back on the fire. As soon as the drink begins to boil, remove it from the fire again and do not stir anymore. When the foam rises for the third time, remove the pot from the stove and pour the ready drink into a cup.

Coffee al-fresco

This is a simple way of making coffee, when you do not have a special pot. You only need any pot, a measuring glass, and a strainer. Usually they use 55 grams of grinded coffee (10 tablespoonfuls) per one liter of water. Fill in the pot with the necessary quantity of water. As soon as the water begins to boil, put into the needed quantity of coffee. Immediately remove the pot from the fire and let it draw for ten minutes. Then use the strainer and pour the coffee into cups.

Coffee in a coffee pot

It is better to use a ceramic jug or a coffee pot and coffee powder of medium or coarse grade. Warm up the coffee pot, putting some boiled water into it, then throw the water away and dry the pot. Put 55 grams of grinded coffee on the bottom of the pot. Separately boil a liter of water, pour it on the coffee in the pot and carefully stir it by a wooden spatula. Let the drink brew for ten minutes, then pour it into cups using a strainer.

Coffee frappe

It is a cold refreshing drink. It is nice to drink it when the weather is hot. Take 450 ml of cold strong black coffee ( a glass of grind coffee per four glasses of water), eight drops of vanilla extract, 300 ml of ice, and 60ml of condensed milk and mix it a blender until the drink becomes homogeneous. Pour the cocktail into tall glasses and add some sugar to taste. It is possible to decorate the drink with some whipped cream and slices of fruit.

Caribbean coffee

For this drink, the coffee of a medium strength is suitable, but it must be well filtered. It is necessary to slice a half of an orange and a half of a lemon and to add some sugar to taste. Put everything in a glass bowl, pour 600 ml of cooled coffee (for two portions) and leave it in a fridge for an hour. Then stir it, take the fruit away, pour it into high glasses and put three ice cubes into each glass.

African coffee

Add 40 ml of condensed milk without sugar and 20 ml chocolate or coco liquor to 250 ml of cold strong black coffee. Mix everything carefully in a blender. It is good to add some ice cubes.

Helsy Gold coctail

Take two teaspoonfuls of instant sublimated coffee Helsy Gold, 200 ml of water, one tablespoonful of cognac, one ball of chocolate ice cream and do not mix.

Helsy Espresso coctail

Take three tablespoonfuls of instant sublimated coffee Helsy Espresso, a liter of milk, one tablespoonful of cocoa, 100 grams of sugar, a little bit of cinnamon. Mix everything and blend until some foam appears.

Helsy Moka coctail

Take two teaspoonfuls of instant sublimated coffee Helsy Moka, two tablespoonfuls of chocolate syrup, 300 ml of boiled water, and a slice of lemon. It is good to serve it cool and with ice.


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