Many coffee lovers derive not less pleasure from the process of making coffee, than from the drink itself. Some of them keep to traditional ways of its making; others find a real aesthetic delight in learning of new recipes and sophisticated ways of its making.

Most of the Europeans take 55 grams of coffee per one liter of water. This coffee is considered to be of a standard strength. In North America, they usually drink weaker coffee.

The success in making coffee depends on the right correlation of some principally important factors. While making coffee one should take into consideration that its taste is based on:
- grinding of the coffee,
- the correlation between the quantity of coffee and water,
- flavouring substances of the coffee and the water composition,
- the water temperature,
- the duration of the ground coffee contact with water.

The best coffee is made with a little bit hard water, as some mineral salts make better the taste of the ingredients that contain the beans.

The finer the coffee grinding is the faster the process of the extraction of the aroma ingredients goes, that is why it is more suitable when the time of making of the drink is limited.

It is not recommended to pour fiercely boiling water on the ground powder, even if it is an instant kind, because the coffee inevitably gains an unpleasant after-taste. The optimal temperature for making coffee is 92-96 C.

It is also not recommended to warm up the ready drink and to use the ground powder twice.

The real taste of coffee is excellently combined with milk and cream. Chocolate is perfectly well as a supplement. It can be served in any way. Melted chocolate, for example, can be added to coffee, and the taste becomes better. Coffee can be well combined with exotic spices like vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, grated ginger, cardamom, caraway, and others. The natural coffee taste is well stressed and emphasized by caramel, maple syrup, and menthol. The best alcohol addition to coffee is orange liqueurs and brandy with an orange taste.


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